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Do you subscribe to any?  In print or online?


I get Scrapbooks Etc still and Paper Crafts ...that's it....  I have let the rest go.  When Cards and Scrapbook Trends went up so much in price they simply made their publications unaffordable to me...I wait until friends are done with theirs to borrow them...


I do read Scrap Street each month online...

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My secret santa for one of my online groups got me a Scrapbooks Etc subscription as part of my gift so I have that, as well as Cardmaker. Sometimes I will buy Paper Crafts in the store and some of the UK Scrapbook magazines from Chapters if the mood strikes me.
I also get Scrapbook Etc, and I'm waiting for my first Paper Crafts!
I love Scrapbooks etc. - my favorite magazine and I also get paper crafts.


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